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We are having a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10th or 11th, depending on your location. Full Moons are the climax of the Moon cycle, and its energies become noticeable in the days leading up to it and also strongly influence how the proceeding two weeks, until the next New Moon, play out.

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Mercury finished its retrograde on May 3rd/4th and we are now moving forward based on realizations and developments that have transpired over the previous month. Venus will be finishing up its post-retrograde phase on May 18th. For some people this upcoming week (until the 18th) will play host to any remaining Venus-themed conclusions that need to occur in relation to what has been playing out since February. This could be connected to our relationships, love, money, values, beauty, and worth.

Full Moon in Scorpio Opposing Sun in Taurus, in Harmonious Aspect With Pluto

As the Sun has been travelling through Taurus over the past 20 days, it will be opposed by the Moon in Scorpio during this Full Moon. During this period we can expect a challenging pull and/or dynamic integration of these two energies.

Taurus is practical, thorough, and direct. Being ruled by Venus, it is about beauty, sensual pleasures, food, personal values, self-worth, and money/possessions. Taurus can also be lazy, slow, greedy, and overindulging, however.

Scorpio is complex, deep, real, and raw. Being traditionally ruled by Mars, it is assertive, intense, sexual, and passionate. Scorpio is more concerned about merging with another, whether sexually, resourcefully, or collaboratively. Being sub-ruled by Pluto, it is a powerful and mysterious energy associated with transformation, purging, death and rebirth. In the negative, Scorpio energy can be controlling, manipulative, overly suspicious, and jealous.

This Full Moon is separating from a harmonious sextile aspect with Pluto. This can help us to tap into our power better, whether it is individually, in a relationship, or in a group effort. It can help mend any challenging oppositional energy between Taurus-Scorpio and can assist us in accomplishing goals, getting to the bottom of things, and creating positive change, and could even represent resources available to help us. This energy is strongest on the day of and hours leading up to the Full Moon.

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Mars in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces and Trine Jupiter in Libra

Scorpio-ruler Mars is in Gemini while moving toward a challenging square with Neptune and a supportive trine to Jupiter. We may be applying ourselves in a variety of ways and some of us could even feel scattered.

Neptune here can manifest as some confusion and perhaps even wasted effort. For some people it can be a feeling of swimming upstream or trying get out of quicksand. There can be unusual or flaky circumstances that can thwart us in some ways.  However, this energy can also help us to assert ourselves in better alignment with our intuition.

Although Neptune can be problematic, Mars in a supportive trine aspect with Jupiter in Libra is great for expanding our efforts, which for many people could be related to projects, partnerships, creativity, learning/teaching, travel, or publishing. These energies are strongest from May 10th-12th.

Mercury in a Fire Grand Trine Involving the North Node now in Leo

Mercury in Aries has been aligned with Uranus since April 27th, and since then, from our perspective on Earth, has been nearly stationary. Since its first conjunction on April 27th while retrograde, there could have been some changes, surprises, insights, losses, or even separations. This energy was strongest around April 27th/28th and also in a more positive way on May 9th/10th during the Full Moon.

Mercury is now moving forward, applying a ‘fire’ grand trine with Saturn and the North Node while still finishing a conjunction with Uranus. This is a time to move forward in new ways, which can be innovative, exciting, liberating, or perhaps give a sense of independence or freedom. This can be about building something in our life and working toward our goals and passions.

The Lunar Nodes (North Node and South Node) just recently entered the Leo/Aquarius axis and will be there for about 18 months. These are the points in the sky where the paths of the Sun and the Moon meet. Eclipses always happen when there are New Moons and Full Moons either at or near these points. When considering the positioning of the Nodes in the sky, the North Node represents what we currently need to work toward to help us in our evolution and the South Node is what we need to move beyond from and what could be holding us back.

We are in an evolutionary push toward the positive Leo qualities, which are about creative and authentic self-expression, being heart-centred, having courage, displaying leadership, and tapping into what makes us great as individuals. The universe may also call on us to move away from qualities of Aquarius that can be holding us back. For example, this can be when we are too caught up in doing things collectively, either as a team or in alignment with a collective ideology at the expense of doing what feels right for us and our passions. Teamwork can still be fruitful, but only so long as individuals get to shine and lead at what they enjoy and are good at.

Things to Consider During This Period

This is a time where our lives can generally be moving along with a better flow than in the previous month and you can now move forward with greater confidence toward your goals and projects. Embrace and adapt to any recent developments that have occurred in the previous weeks by taking a new approach and employing a different way of thinking.

Scorpio Full Moons can be a great time to do some purging and letting go of possessions or clutter — great for spring cleaning! If you are cleansing your body or if you are a full-time health enthusiast, these next few weeks can be a good time to emphasize cleansing the colon. This can be done best by combining supplements/herbs with enemas along with eating lightly and high fibre foods.

astrology, astrology readings, carmen di luccioIf you decide to start any cleansing, purging, or releasing, it is always best to start when the Moon is waning. This is anytime between the peak of the Full Moon and next New Moon on May 25th. This Full Moon will peak at its totality exactly at 9:42pm Universal Time on May 10th. You can click here to find out what that is for your time zone.

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