Interview with Kylie Hughes, California’s New Pop Sensation

Meet Kylie Hughes, the California pop sensation who officially stepped on the music scene in 2014. And, in her short time here she’s been putting her stamp down in the pop scene! Kylie has been featured in a variety of publications: Examiner, Good Day LA, K-CAL TV 9, InStyle, Music Connection’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists… Need I go on?

We took a moment with the songstress, to have her answer a few questions about her inspirations (she loves Michelle Branch!), her first Christmas EP, her notable collaborations, and more!

Get to learning about Kylie as I’m sure you’ll see her very soon. You can check out more of her information on her site, here!

Sen: When did you first know you wanted to do music?  What inspired you?

Kylie: It’s a dream I have had since middle school ever since I heard Michelle Branch sing. And it was just love at first sight. I wanted to be her in every way. I could already carry a tune, I had always been a writer, and I had a boyfriend in sixth grade who said he could play guitar better than me… so naturally I had to learn how to play guitar, better than him.

Sen: How did you know to debut your talent with a Christmas party? Was anyone shocked?

Kylie: No one was shocked at all. I had always been the entertainer in the family, demanding everyone’s attention since I learned to walk. I am the firstborn grandchild on both sides of the family, so I was used to a lot of attention. My Christmas EP, however, has definitely become the “ghost of Christmas past.” I will be in a family friend’s home during the holidays and over the speakers will come ‘13-year-old Kylie’s’ rendition of “Feliz Navidad.” So embarrassing… I usually leave the room immediately.

Sen: Explain what it was like meeting someone with a reputation like Bobby Hartry so early on? Did you feel like you were given an edge or that it made your career more advanced?

Kylie: I think when I was 14, I had no idea who Bobby was beyond ‘the guy’s garage that I recorded some songs in on the weekends.’ And maybe that’s better. Working with Bobby may have been the best place for me to start though; it’s a very safe place to try out new things and where I started to find my voice in a studio setting.

Sen: What are some other people you have been excited to work with/collaborate with?

Kylie: I always look forward to when I get to write with Ben Yaffe from the band Honey Honey. He is so weird and so funny, we always have a lot of fun AND he’s really hard on me when we are writing. If something isn’t good enough, he’s not afraid to tell me it’s shitty… and I appreciate that.

Sen: What were some of your most notable performances? 

Kylie: I played at a Rocky Top gig at Mount Baldy this summer. We had to take a chair lift with all of our musical instruments to the top of the mountain. Super sketchy, but super fun.

Sen: Did your classmates support you?

Kylie: Yes and no. In high school, when I was starting, people are still very judgy and I didn’t want to put myself out there beyond my close friends. So lots of people knew that I was into music, but I never really gave people the chance to support me. In college, I was much more outgoing and played on campus and at Greek life events, etc. I mean, no one ever told me, “you should really start thinking about a backup plan.” I’ve always had people rooting me along most of the way.

Sen: You mentioned that visuals are important to you and that you create songs with a visual in mind. Have you thought about creating a visual album?

Kylie: YES! And I would probably go by the name Ylié, kinda like Yoncé. I think one day I will do it, no doubt.

Sen: Describe your upcoming album in one word?

Kylie: Long-awaited.

Sen: Which mainstream artists have you been compared to or you would compare yourself to?

Kylie: KT Tunstall, Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves… I’ll happily take that.

Sen: What is the ultimate goal you have for your music?

Kylie: Grammy.

Meet Kylie Hughes, a California singer, songwriter, in Fempotential's newest interview. She shares her inspiration, her journey to the music scene, and what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

Sen Kathleen
Sen is the founder of LadySenTalks and a Host for Voiceless Music Radio. She’s a Rutgers graduate and proud owner of a overly demanding hamster. In her spare time she’s mastering finding her inner peace.
Sen Kathleen

Sen Kathleen

Sen is the founder of LadySenTalks and a Host for Voiceless Music Radio. She's a Rutgers graduate and proud owner of a overly demanding hamster. In her spare time she's mastering finding her inner peace.

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